Standard Deliveries

InstaHedge Delivery – instant hedges being delivered by Sanderson Transport

We do not operate our own lorries for delivery, instead we work with our preferred hauliers who operate the best service to conduct your delivery on site to deliver our trees and hedging to you on time, damage free and efficiently.

We use a range of lorries from small ones which can carry 6 pallets, along with 28ft lorries carrying up to 14 pallets or larger trees laying flat, right up to 45ft lorries which carry 26 pallets and are ideal for our larger trees and hedging elements. All are with curtain sides to avoid any damage along the way. For these deliveries we are only responsible for delivery to site and will require yourself to off-load, so please make sure you have adequate persons on site or machinery on site to unload as there is a limited offloading time and our drivers are not contracted to handle stock.

If you have any questions on the size and weight of the hedging or trees, please ask so you are best prepared.

Tail-lift Deliveries

Generally with hedging up to 2m high we are able to get these on to pallets and can arrange for the lorry to have a tail-lift (Hydraulic platform at the back of the lorry) and pallet truck to assist in off loading the hedging plants to for you, with trees this is not possible due to the height of them as they cannot be loaded on to pallets. However as they are loose loaded on lorry it can be of assistance if you are unable to unload with a machine, but please note pallet trucks cannot operate on gravel/very uneven surfaces.

Forklift Deliveries

InstaHedge Deliveries – Any size lorry to best suit you, photo curstosy of Sanderson Transport

For extra assistance and service when unloading, in a similar method to tail-lift deliveries, at an extra cost we can arrange for a truck-mounted forklift to unload the pallets for you and take to a convenient place on site for you should the access be suitable.

Hiab Deliveries

On special occasions a standard delivery is not the best way for you to have your trees or hedging delivered, if required we can deliver certain trees and hedging with our Hiab lorry (lorry with an on-board crane) which can be used to unload the trees or hedging over walls into gardens if access is an issue, with one of our skilled drivers.


Self collection are also possible at pre-arranged times, we can assist with loaded and securing your hedging and trees, but if we deem that it is unsafe to load due to size or condition of trailer/lorry then we reserve the right not to load, as we have a responsibility that your load is safe as well. If you require size or weight of the plants, please let us know so you are best prepared to collect.

Cancellation or Re-arranging deliveries

In order for us to deliver to you at the specified time, we must be well prepared and loaded in advanced to ensure we are on time for you. If however you require re-arranging the delivery, this ideally needs to be done at least 48hrs before, as we will incur costs from our transport companies, which we will have to pass on.

InstaHedge can deliver your trees across Europe with Sanderson Transport